Serving You at Your Happiest Ocassions

DJ Rob is known for his adaptability to music of different cultures. He works alongside clients to ensure that music selection is up to their expectation. He also creatively integrates live instruments into his shows, to ensure that the crowd is up and dancing.

Rob Salloum
Head Disk Jokey

Becoming One With the Crowd 

MC Ethan knows how to interact with all types of crowds or different cultures. His background in public speaking helps him direct shows in an organized and enthusiastic fashion. He speaks English, but is happy to learn (and master) any foreign name you gave him.

Ethan Traynor
Master of Ceremonies

Capturing Your Special Moments

Dinil is the on-site photographer for most One Man Entertainment shows. Dinil comes from a background of automotive photography and is therefore inclined to pay attention to the smallest detail in every shot he captures. When you see Dinil, make sure to smile.

Dinil Karunaratne
Lead Photographer